becoming fungi, becoming forest’s creative residency in Coventry throughout Autumn 2021, in collaboration with our partners, offers a variety of ways to join the mycelial immersion. This page will be updated as various event and activity details are confirmed, including how to register to attend and/or get involved!

Saturday 2 October 2021

will feature a special public event livestreamed from Coventry with sirenscrossing artists and a very special guest, presented in association with British Mycological Society and Coventry UK City of Culture 2021. Details to come!

Mushroom growing with The Pod / Food Union

As part of becoming fungi, becoming forest, our lovely partners at The Pod / Food Union have added mushrooms to their food growing activities on the CV5 allotment. Food Union members can volunteer to learn, take part, taste, and more. We hope you will be tempted to join in! Food Union exists to create conversation and action around food, inviting people to get involved in the process from soil to plate. Food Union is committed to food solutions which build and strengthen communities. Join them in realising this vision of a healthier community, united by the common language of food. For information on joining check facebook or twitter.