becoming fungi, becoming forest:
performing the mycelial city

Imagine the city as a place of invisible connections, as part of the biosphere interlinking all living beings. Can you see that the city is also a forest? Probe soil and reveal mycorrhizal networks. Probe bodies and discover that ‘we’ are ecosystems spanning boundaries and transgressing categories.

Through workshops and performances, becoming fungi, becoming forest will reveal human entanglements in this shimmering ‘biome’ of interacting beings and systems (humans, fungi, trees, microbes, and other life), on scales from massive to microscopic. 

You are multiple.


becoming fungi, becoming forest 

is a project devised by sirenscrossing artist-collaborators in collaboration with humans and nonhumans in Coventry, UK.

sirenscrossing is an international, collaborative umbrella for developing site-specific audience experiences. We think of humans as only one node of liveliness in the interweave of the living Earth. Through creating experiences in everyday spaces, we deepen into the lived reality of humans (even those in cities) and their sympoietic mesh with nonhumans, landscapes, and Earth systems. sirenscrossing seeks to enliven individual human’s awareness of their biological, ecological, social, and technological entanglement in multispecies and hybrid bio/geo/techno processes. All of this has become increasingly urgent, on a planet in crisis. We hope to contribute to a tidal surge of momentum for change.


becoming fungi, becoming forest’s creative residency in Coventry throughout Autumn 2021, in collaboration with our partners, offers a variety of ways to join the mycelial immersion. Click on the Events tab at the top of this page – it will be updated as various event and activity details are confirmed, including how to register to attend and/or get involved!


In partnership with Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2021, we will be offering a series of creative public workshops in Coventry during October. These will invite you to immerse yourself in a variety of fungi/forest and wild yeast experiments. More details coming soon!


Co-commissioned by Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 and Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2021, becoming fungi, becoming forest: performing the mycelial city will culminate in a series of site specific audience experiences in Coventry during late November 2021. Stay tuned for details and booking…